Verrazano Imaging is pleased to add Staten Island’s first High-Field Open Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging system to its list of diagnostic offerings.

Our new Hitachi Oasis® High-Field Open MRI features a spacious 270° unobstructed view, which creates a relaxed environment during the exam and acts to minimize the anxiety and claustrophobia associated with closed MR systems.

For even greater reassurance, our Open MRI allows the patient to have a loved one or friend nearby during the exam, and the exam itself is as quick and smooth as possible.

Verrazano’s High-Field Open MRI delivers unparalleled patient comfort with superb imaging capability.  It is powerful technology, with imaging power enhanced by an array of anatomically-specific, optimized receiver coils that allow advanced imaging applications ranging from vascular to orthopedic to women’s health.

The Oasis® High-Field Open MRI offers physicians and the community access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques currently available in the healthcare industry.

To discuss the technology or refer a patient for a High-Field Open MRI study, please contact us at 718.226.7700.