The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) recently released a report which stated that more than half of the American population’s exposure to radiation now results from medical imaging scans. According to the NCRP report CT scans are the leading contributor to this exposure. We at Verrazano Radiology still remember the oath we took so long ago to “do no harm.” To this end we have partnered with the American College of Radiology in the national Image Gently campaign in an effort to help ensure that medical imaging continues to push the edge of modern medicine by replacing more invasive techniques, but in a way that is safe and caters to our individual patients. We strive to ensure that the radiation dose administered to each of our patients is as low as possible given the particular circumstances of each individual.

Our expert staff of board certified radiologists and medical physicists have reduced the average radiation dose to our patient population by 50% lower than the national average. These fantastic results provide not only the clinical data our referrers require but do so with the least radiation exposure to our Staten Island family. However, we, as health-care providers, want to continue to ensure that these lifesaving imaging techniques are performed with a patient centered approach. To that end, our physicians tailor each study based on our patients individual concerns.

Our participation in the Image Gently campaign is a sterling example of the respect and care that our radiologists and staff have for our patients. We are constantly striving to refine protocols and treatment mechanisms in order to better serve those who depend on us.

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